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Market Sectors

Construction Sector

KOMATSU LTD is a Japan-based company which manufactures, develops, markets and sells construction machinery and vehicles, as well as other industrial machinery. The Construction Machine and Vehicle segment provides excavation, loading, land-clearing, base course use, transporting, forestry, underground construction and resources recycle machines, industrial vehicles, foundry pieces, as well as transportation, warehouse and packing related services. RK Engineering have been an approved suppplier to Komatsu for over 15 years.

Agricultural Sector

In 2012, with all its world financial difficulties, Charles J Marshall (Aberdeen) Ltd, celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years ago, the Marshall brand was conceived by Charles J Marshall; the year was 1952. This tenacious 18-year-old apprentice joiner decided that after his National Service, he would establish his own business producing something that he could sell en masse. At this time in history the introduction of the new technically advanced tractor was just in its infancy and the young Charles decided this was his time to capitalize on this opportunity. RK Enginnering are proud to be an approved supplier to this long standing manufacturer of quality agricultural equipment.

RK Engineering are also a supplier to many other major agricultural machinery manufacturers in the UK.

Hydraulics Sector

The industrial market for hydraulic components is generally perceived to be a small, low growth portion of the global hydraulics market. However, the study released last month showed that global revenues reached almost 6bn in 2010 and that this is expected to grow to exceed 8bn in 2013. This represents growth of over 30% in three years. This is not low growth, and the statistics suggest that these additional revenues are not necessarily earmarked for the three leading hydraulics suppliers.

RK Engineering recognised this market back in 2007 and have been supplying components to the hydraulic sector ever since. Hydraulic component manufacturing accounts for approximately 23% of out turnover.

Energy Sector

Despite global financial uncertainty the energy sector has the potential to become the engine for economic growth over the next 10 years. With global pressure to reduce the impact of carbon emmisions on the environment, there is a constant need to finding new ways to generate energy. This pressure has resulted in the development of a new manufacturing sector, producing wind turbines and solar power.

RK Engineering are involved in the supply of components to this new and growing market.

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