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New Equipment

RK Engineering purchases in two new CNC Machining Centres, as investment of over 100,000. Keith Chetwynd, Managing Director of RK Engineering believes that continual improvement meets continual investment in new technology. The only way to survive in a competitive market is to reduce your operational costs, improve product quality and increase capacity.

RK Wins new contract with Kamatsu. posted May 2011

RK Enginnering has recently won a new contract with Komatsu UK, securing its future for the new few years. RK Engineering have had a long and successful relationship with Komatsu and looks forward to another 10 years together.

RK adds new capacity to its CNC Section. Posted July 2010

To continually improve capacity and open up further doors, RK Engineering have invested in a new 5 axis CNC machining centre.

Quality Certification.

Quality Award from Jaguar Cars

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